She chases Gi Tae to make clear his keywords: just what performed he suggest because of it a goner?.

He wanting to get away, so he puts it surely harshly.

If the guy doesn’t grab the phone calls, the guy doesn’t want to speak with you; If the guy does not fulfill your, he does not want to meet your.

Thereupon, he gets to their car and begins scuba diving down, but Jang Mi places by herself in front of the vehicle. Woah. She hops inside front traveler chair, and initiate the woman barrage of issues.

GT: sick count to 3 while’d better hop out the automobile. One.

JM: will it sound right that he trying to breakup with me because of the hotel incident?

GT: No, of course it generally does not make sense. Two.

JM:Then, can there be another woman?

GT: Kindly, dont you are sure that that other women need higher standards than you? Three!

JM: Would It Be which he sick?

GT: (laughs resignedly) the guy running away since you brought up relationship!

Ha. Truly allowed to be a melancholic moment, but I like that the drama perhaps not getting by itself as well severely. There humour infused into the world, which is able to highlight the melancholy, but perhaps not spoil the moment.

The guy becomes off the automobile and tries to pulling Jang Mi away. Mom and Aunt just reached, and they spy him from their automobile.

Jang Mi however in denial as she insists it is just Gi Tae perspective. She requires to see Hoon Dong. Gi Tae simply sighs and ares so that their straight down harshly once more. The guy says to their that just like she outdated Hoon Dong for his funds, the guy dated the woman on her behalf looks and her muscles. Ow.

Yeo Reum decides to enter currently to provide Gi Tae beverage, which gets sent to him, but unfortunately to his face, as Jang Mi splashes they on their face. Many people are in shock.

He frustrated, obviously, but his phrase modifications as Jang Mi corrects him. She didnt day Hoon Dong of their money: she dated your of love. He generally seems to see this lady in different ways as she will leave tearfully. Aunt sounds that she may be the blind date in the eatery.

As she walks the girl bike right back, she contacted by Gi Tae mommy (Kim Hae Sook). Mom invites Jang Mi to this lady residence, apologising on her boy behaviour. But Jang Mi misunderstands the lady to-be Hoon Dong mother

Hoon Dong updating his SNS profile again. (this time around truly a start). Gi Tae strikes him in the head with a file, informing your to pay off right up their own mess the very next time. But Gi Tae shaken by the lady sincere confession at the moment, in which he asks what kind of woman she is to Hoon Dong.

Tough fortune having a significant response, for Hoon Dong replies that she only a female to your. Yes, she may appear unlike others in the beginning, however she simply a woman to your.

Gi Tae attempts to mutter that she seemed genuine, but Hoon Dong cuts him off by proclaiming that she scary because she sincere. Exactly What? Today i recently wish our very own leads with each other. Theyll be lovely.

Meanwhile, a woman clothed just in a purple clothes and a pair of tones walks in. She converts heads on route, such as Hoon Dong, who professes that she like God work of art. Gi Tae cynically replies that she his masterpiece. Ha.

Hoon Dong asks for an introduction, but Gi Tae response causes your as slack jawed. A cousin? Ex-girlfriend? Itll feel odd if the guy operating on their ex however.

In any event, men say hello to Kang Se Ah (Han sunshine Hwa). She in addition a plastic surgeon, but she talking to Gi Tae for a breast development procedure. She states which he started driving the girl off to much better men for 36 months. The guy asks if the him, and she replies that the him, as well as other dudes as well.

And therefore Jang Mi drowns by herself in a beverage, and before she downs the woman beverage, some body gently requires the glass from their fingers. Their Hoon Dong? Informing her that shell see intoxicated like this. She states that its best enjoyable for till youre intoxicated (which I have to agree). She tipsy chances are, and stumbles as she gets upwards from the woman chair. The guy captures their within his arms, and they have a charged second which ultimately ends up with these people kissing.

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