My sessions are non-sexual, discerning, nurturing, pro


Professional Disciplinarian from the Phoenix location providing nasty people trusted old fashioned, across leg, clean bottom spankings since 1999. I realize the variety of spanking and also have the capacity to fulfill your own self-discipline wants and fancy. I enjoy roleplay, disciplinary spankings, and corporal discipline. Novices and the ones experiencing they’re first-time were pleasant and promoted. Whether yourself, and/or assortment of tools inside my disposal, an experience suiting your personal desires might be meted on. Alongside spanking, often a verbal reprimand is needed to high light a misdeed, and you will get thoroughly scolded besides their base heated. Though i am aware the erotic nature of CP, any sexual contact is forbidden and sessions can be immediately ended when this boundary isn’t respected.

Elizabeth Martin Pro Disciplinarian.

Been nasty? Troubled guilt pangs regarding finally little mood fit or indiscretion? Don’t you believe it’s time you got a spanking you very richly deserve and have coming? We administer conventional simple Bottom OTK Spankings to naughty adults. I really determine what a naughty grown kid requirements whenever their own panties tend to be heaved down and their clean bottoms become revealed over my leg. I realize the shame, conflicted feelings and fear of that first swat from my hands, hairbrush or paddle. Character play, inspirational therapies, guilt reduction, disciplinary spankings. Is my speciality. I’m great, fun and easy to talk to, but since tight as needed for the sexy one across my lap. Might become therefore cleaned and forgiven a while later.

As a professional women disciplinarian, I supply actual across the leg spanking for mature males that disciplinary issues. I am extremely comprehension and attempt to help those who would take advantage of this type of control. My personal methods feature hands spankings, paddlings, hairbrush therapies, caning for many in to the English Arts. Part some time and scolding will also be used. Those who work in want must informed that i am aware who you really are, therefore do you realy.

I’ve been an expert disciplinarian and have experienced the spanking scene for many years. We started expertly in the Chateau and girl Laura’s rule in Los Angeles, Ca. I happened to be untill recently when you look at the Scene in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. starting in 1987. We have prior to now participating in a lot of Shadow way activities both in la and hand Springs. I have lately relocated to Albuquerque, unique Mexico. I’m don’t performing sessions yourself. If you should be attending a Shadow Lane Party and desire to see me personally get in touch with me personally either by telephone or e-mail we may go to a celebration togeather or get together for a session I’m sure you really need.

CINEMA SWATS could luvfree be the group of 6 compilation tapes of spanking moments from past conventional films and tv. Created over a period of years from the mentioned spanking anime artist Dan Rivera, the tapes contain a maximum of around 250 clips of the very best movie and tv spankings previously, from all over the entire world. And feature some mega stars, particularly John Wayne, Clark Gable, Elvis Presley and Lucille Ball.

Generally as a result of the “PC” society we have now inhabit, there’ve been not many film and tv spankings considering that the middle 60’s. Therefore, the vast majority of moments on these tapes are from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and very early 60’s, which makes them genuinely vintage.

All 6 tapes (each run at least 90 mins), can be found in both VHS and DVD. When it comes down to very first 2 tapes, a scene record is going to be incorporated your order. For tapes 3-6, the views were recognized on those tapes with a graphic. And for the language scenes on tapes 3-6, Mr. Rivera do voice-overs to explain the story and discussion.

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