Deals API and Digital Purchase API requisite

All activities applying the deals API, online order API (a yahoo Play Billing service), or utilizing Direct behavior (such as the Food Order Direct activity API) must comply with these specifications:

  1. Adhere to the deal terms and conditions in the terms of service for steps on Google.
  2. Implement all the required means and details, like correct order handling and acknowledgements, and don’t establish duplicate requests.
  3. Supply accurate and prompt ideas, including rates, and descriptions.
  4. Provide your very own customer support, and provide a client provider get in touch with contact number and/or mail addre.
  5. Best need private information acquired through the conversational program to enable that deal, including delivering receipts, confirmations, and changes. You should separately have the user’s consent (via an opt-in) to use that records for almost any other purpose, such as promotion.

For steps utilising the Digital Purchase API just:

For behavior by using the deals API only (as yahoo does not create these features):

Naming and index listing

The Action’s enunciation and Aistant screen name’s exactly how people communicate with and discover behavior. Your own Action’s list dramatically impacts the directory site’s top quality, therefore prevent spammy listing, low-quality advertising, and anything that unnaturally boosts their Action’s presence. Fill in all details needed for the index list, including supplying visible, non-blank icons.

Your own Action’s index listing (like title, information, etc.) must conform to the Prohibited contents and rational house procedures and not incorporate phrase being vulgar, intimately explicit, or offensive.

Title specifications

All steps should have a phonetically distinctive enunciation that will allow users to induce the experience’s functionality. Motion pronunciations tend to be special within each words, thus when a name is approved, hardly any other Action can subscribe similar phonetic name in the same vocabulary. The Directory listing need one or more test enunciation, which must consist of your own Action’s title, including “speak to Bing purchasing,” and constantly triggers your activity.

Names must meet the next requisite:

A reputation distinctively identifies your own activity, therefore it must distinguish it self off their Actions and from the Aistant’s key functions. We don’t allow labels being:

Brands of men and women or spots are not let unle additionally they contain more terms (e.g., statement’s horoscope or nyc tourism) or you are a government company of the location (eg, the City of the latest York can sign up the name nyc).

Some phrases and words become kepted and cannot be used in brands, such as, okay, Bing, launch, query, tell, load, leave quit, levels right up, games, action, aistant, expertise, and app. Test thoroughly your term into the API dash to confirm it generally does not make use of a reserved keyword or phrase. We could possibly make conditions for many arranged phrase or phrases if included in a qualifying multi-word mix, when the name isn’t confusing, if in case it cann’t otherwise break these policies. Directions to need an exception is below.

According to words, some figures is forbidden for the display term area; including, languages utilising the Latin alphabet must have merely lower-case alphabetic figures, spots between phrase, poeive apostrophes (age.g., Sam’s technology trivia), or durations used in abbreviations (elizabeth.g., a. b naviidte here. c.). Various other characters such as numbers need to be spelled on (age.g., twenty one).

Brands should be easy to pronounce correctly and start to become phonetically unique in order to prevent being misinterpreted as similar sounding terminology and other motion brands (around the exact same vocabulary). Don’t use brands which are phonetically much like your forbidden by these plans, eg vulgar, offending, universal, or typical names, although spelled in a different way.

In evaluating these guidelines, we look at the enunciation associated with the show identity, how it’s spelled during the console, additionally the generally approved solution to cause the obvious keyword (if there’s one).

We are going to give consideration to exclusions to particular naming plans on a case-by-case grounds; you can easily need an exclusion filling out this form and requesting screen list aistance.

Types of simple Brands:

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